The prophecy
Fragment of the prophecy of the children of Light
  • So shall come the children of Light, born descendant of the gods might. Amidst the chaos, they will stand against the night, on those broken days they must fight.
  • The prophetic poet Rivaldi Orzan
They will gather the power of the gods, and bring fire to the eye, and light to the void. They will give life to the still, and walk the great halls to the treasure of traitors. They will be the weapon, and they will bring to arms weapons forged of fire and magic and light, of soul and steel and silver, of light and wood and water, of diamond of air and will.
  • The thirteen great casters
Prophecy of the Darkness

In ages yet to come, a nameless force will rise. Bringing with it a tide of blood, no man will have hope to face it. Fear and death will incarnate to the lands and skies. The heavens will tremble before his might and hell will kneel before him, he will end wars to flow forth another that will tear asunder the realms, from him will come an adversary, of the like none will have ever seen. X END THE PROPHECY OF THE DARKNESS X


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