Kayla Dogrose

Light-hearted, sneaky archer.

Class Hit Die Level
Ranger 8 3
Fighter 10 2
Deepwood Sniper 8 4
racial lvl adjustment 2
character level 11
Ability Current Modifier Base Level Adv Magic Enh
Strength 10 0 10
Dexterity 19 4 18 1
Constitution 16 3 16
Intelligence 12 1 11 1
Wisdom 14 2 14
Strength 14 2 14
Save Total Ability Magic Mod Misc. Mod Base Class 1 BC 2 BC 3
Fortitude 10 3 3 3 1
Reflex 11 4 3 0 4
Willpower 4 2 1 0 1
Combat Total Ability Size Mod Misc. Mod Base Class 1 BC 2 BC 3
Melee 10 0 1 3 2 4
Ranged 14 4 1 3 2 4
Grapple 5 0 -4 3 2 4
Note: +1 to attack rolls when using shortbows from Weapon Focus Feat
Armor Class Base Armor Shield Natural Dex Size Misc.
20 10 5 4 1

Feats (including those gained through class features): Track, Weapon Focus: shortbow, Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, Rapid Shot, Scent, Endurance, Ethereal Jaunt (as the spell) at will, Precision, Dead Eye

Blinkling Race Information: Size small, base speed 25 ft, low light vision, can Blink (as the spell, caster lvl = Blinkling’s character lvl) as a free action 1+ cha bonus times per day, favored class Ranger

Class Features: Ranger: Favored Enemy: monstrous humanoids, Track, Wild Empathy, Combat Style, Endurance

Fighter: Weapon and Armor Proficiency, Bonus Feats

Deepwood Sniper (from Masters of the Wild pg. 52): Keen Arrows, Range Increment Bonus, Concealment Reduction, Magic Weapon (as the spell), Projectile Improved Critical, Safe Poison Use, Take Aim +2

Misc. Gained a d6 sneak attack from a magic book Has a permanent flight (40 ft speed) spell cast on her


Kayla was born to a blinkdog pack that had gotten trapped on a world with strange, steam-punk flavored techno-magic and no native intelligent races besides humans. Her pack’s territory occupied the remote estate of the techno-mage who had opened the portal that sucked them in. The humans in the nearest settlement came to regard the pack as ghost dogs and spread folktales about them. The mage tried to investigate the pack, but they hid from him quite easily… except for Kayla, who was too intrigued by the idea of other bipedal beings to listen to her parents.

Fortunately for Kayla, the mage was more well-meaning academic researcher than obsessed mad scientist and found the miniature, canine-aspected child to be both amusing and fascinating. He gave her the name she uses among humanoids and taught her the basics of humanoid society (indoor plumbing, litteracy, concepts of ownership and discretion, calander time) and she told him about life in a blinkdog pack and what little she knew of her parents’ original world. With a little research the mage was able to reproduce the experiment that brought the pack to his world and offered to send them back. They took him up on his offer.

After they had re-settled on their original world Kayla’s parents told her the story of how the goddess Yondalla herself had created the blinkling race to help the halflings, and that somewhere there was a group of halflings that needed her help. When she was full grown she set off on her first adventure to find the halfling pack that needed her. She quickly saw that there were also lots of non-halflings who also needed help, and decided that Yondalla wouldn’t mind if she gave them a hand too.

She adventured alone for a while, sometimes teaming up with other groups to face specific problems, until she met Tahldrim and found the closest thing to a kindred spirit that she had ever encountered.

Personality: Even before her recent encounters with prophecy Kayla believed she was special and meant to do great things. However her ideas of greatness are very flexible: saving a village is just as awesome as saving a world when she gets to see people able to go on with their lives and know they will tell their children stories about her… and if they maybe want to give her free food and a party she certainly won’t say no. Though she enjoys finely made clothes and well prepared food she isn’t too concerned with rewards as long as she has what she needs to get by.

She likes pretty jewelry and gems, though she doesn’t usually get attached to specific pieces and will readily trade her loot when she doesn’t have coin.

She thinks of her companions as her pack and tries to stay aware of where they are and what they are doing as much as possible. Her sense of smell is very important to her and she will often crouch down or even creep on all fours to get a better sniff at the ground. She isn’t at all shy about her physical body, though she is content to take her behavioral cues from the people around her in regards to things like nudity, sexuality, and appropriate discussion topics.

She loves to hear stories and observe animals and plants, but has little patience for book or rote learning and gets very bored if she has to stay indoors for extended periods of time.

She deliberately plays up her demeanor of puppyish enthusiasm because it often gets a friendly response from others and she prefers to look on the bright side of life. However, at 16 years old she is a few years into adulthood for a blinkling and does occasionally think about what she will do when she is done adventuring. Her plans haven’t gotten more detailed than “settle down with a halfling community or blinkdog pack and make more blinklings.”

Appearance: At 3 ft. tall and 31 lbs. Kayla is somewhat tall for a blinkling or halfling woman. She has dark tan/light brown skin, light brown eyes, and dark blond hair. Her figure is lightly muscled with smallish breasts, wideish hips, and, when times are good, a slight pot-belly. Her hair is curly and usually escapes from her attempts to ponytail it. Her eyes are rounded like a canine’s, her nose and jaw are slightly elongated (like an almost-muzzle) and her ears are furry and pointed like a dog’s. She has patches of furry hair on her feet.

She prefers green and brown clothing, though also likes blue. Her clothes are of practical cut, allowing free movement, but close fitting enough to not snag on twigs and the like. She buys the best clothing she can afford, with a focus on comfort and quality materials, and she likes simple decoration like woven bands or embroidered edges. She usually goes barefoot when she has “downtime,” and doesn’t wear any shoes other than her magic boots.

Her typical outfit is a wool or linen tunic, wool or leather leggings, her mithral chain shirt, her magic boots made of knotted green cord, a bow and quiver on her back and her small bag of holding on her belt.

Kayla Dogrose

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